Who says only the drum well, the wave wheel washing machine just as well black technology
time:2017/9/22 13:58:09
At present, the Chinese washing machine on the market in general is divided into two classes - the platen washing machine and pulsator washing machines, platen washing machine appeared much later rounds, so most people think that platen washing machine represents a new generation of technology, the pulsator washing machine is already out products of The Times. 
It is undeniable that the roller washing machine is a late technology product, which has many advantages, such as water saving, and its water consumption is only 40% to 50% of the wave wheel washing machine. Low wear rate; Fully functional, able to complete the laundry process from washing to drying and drying; And with the advancement of science and technology, its washing ability has been the same as the wave wheel washing machine. 
So is the wheel washing machine really as bad as some people say, and has been abandoned by The Times? In fact, the wave wheel washing machine still has its irreplaceable advantage point, and black technology is a lot! 
In the eyes of consumers, nature is the biggest difference between two kinds of washing machine prices, common platen washing machine price is in 3000 yuan, while the pulsator washing machine there is even 8900 dollars, the average price is in 1200 yuan, this is not hard to find, pulsator washing machine is the price has the absolute advantage, combined with the washing effect and the roller, and even slightly better, if you don't consider other factors, pulsator washing machine quality price must never again a few people buy. 
Really save electricity 
Pulsator washing machine generally around 400 watts of power to electric power consumption is less than 0.5 degrees, the platen washing machine is often as high as 1200-1200 watts, and most of the heating function, therefore power consumption than pulsator washing machine. According to the water and electricity situation in Beijing, the cost of the washing machine in daily use is also less than that of the drum washing machine. 
Laundry time is short 
Pulsator washing laundry time compared with platen washing machine is more short, generally only needs 40 minutes, if have a quick wash, and other functions will be faster, and even a small amount of clothes just 20 minutes; The standard washing time of the drum washing machine is 1-2 hours, and the fastest washing time is about 30 minutes. 
Easy to move 
For small space in the home or no family type washing machine, pulsator washing machine is more suitable for, because of its lighter weight is very easy to move, so it can be moved to drainage of the position such as toilet, and need not when can put in other open position; The drum washing machine is relatively heavy, so most of it is fixed in one position. If the space arrangement is unreasonable, it can easily lead to the absence of land. 
Real black technology 
In fact, both in pulsator washing machine and platen washing machine inevitably there is a problem, that is the health problems of washing machine, because of structure, long-term don't wash washing machine itself is actually a huge pollution source. 
According to the sample survey, which was 81.3% of the total number of bacteria inside the washing machine, coliform bacteria detection rate was 100%, the fungus which is 45.8%, the mold which is 60.2%, some still checked out pathogenic bacteria such as pseudomonas aeruginosa, these seemingly very scary data is likely to happen in our daily life.