The shared washing machine is coming. Can you use it?
time:2017/9/22 13:56:31
Internet allows "Shared economy" fire, variety, the Shared cycling, sharing, sharing after charging treasure, in major cities such as 3, sharing the washing machine also have sprung up, at present guangzhou distribution part of the school, the hotel has Shared the washer. 
The Shared washing machine is placed in the dormitory of the school, and the students can make a booking through the mobile phone APP, which can be used after mobile payment. Or place the washing machine in the vicinity of the shopping mall, prices of 10 yuan to 40 yuan per barrel, for the public to choose. 
Is this "fake sharing"? Or is it a new game of capital "play"? The reporter found that the neighborhood did not "object" to sharing the washing machine, but liked to have the "thumbs up" : the likes said it really convenient for users to do laundry. Mobile payment guarantees protection; The worry side thinks that sharing washing machines is difficult to walk into the home, and it has no regulator, health security is difficult to guarantee... 
According to the report, a washing machine near the mall in Shanghai's xuhui district, which charges rmb20 per barrel for 8kg washing machines, costs rmb40 per barrel for 18kg and rmb10 for drying. Cash, WeChat, alipay can all be paid. 
On May 26, 2017, the grey "cube" of Yang high school in Shanghai pudong new area was lit up. This is the "sharing washing machine" that has been circulating for a long time. 
Share the washing machine is a little different with Shanghai, guangzhou share washing machine partial miniaturization, dropping in schools, hotels and other places, with mobile payment is given priority to, school share the washing machine is 3 ~ 6 dollars a barrel, the hotel's Shared laundry service within 10 yuan each time. 
Don't worry about laundry 
A few months ago, a group of self-service washing machines with laundry and drying functions appeared on the streets of Shanghai. In guangzhou, the reporter learned, sharing washing machine also already quietly appeared beside. 
In June, students at the guangzhou blue sky technical school found that the first batch of washing machines were put into use, and guangzhou blue sky technical school Shared washing machines were put into each dormitory. 
According to the introduction, the sharing washing machine of this school is put in by the businessman, the student does not need to spend four hundred and five hundred dollars to buy new, also need not to pay the deposit. When there is a demand to do the laundry, orders by phone APP, can choose laundry program, click on the "instant" reservation, enter the authentication code and mobile payment, a washing machine can use, price range 3 ~ 6 yuan per barrel. 
"It's good to spend a few bucks when you don't want to wash your clothes." In response to the sharing washing machine, students interviewed by the survey told reporters that "the students who had been mobilizing the dormitory to buy a washing machine at the beginning of the semester were not unified in their opinions. The last three people paid for it, and the others didn't pay for it. 
It is reported that the first 11 buildings in the school have only a Shared washing machine, often bad, but this year began each dormitory to be placed, more convenient for students to use. 
Unlike a Shared bike, guangzhou has no cash deposit to share a washing machine. Reporters learned that other local washing machines had to pay 200 yuan deposit to use, which was quickly abandoned by many students. 
In addition, sun yat-sen university has similar sharing washing machines. Unlike the guangzhou blue sky technical school, the public washing machine of sun yat-sen university is placed on the top of the stairs. It is the improved product of the coin-operated washing machine, which can now support mobile payment. 
Sharing laundry usage is not high in the industry 
Journalists have found that sharing washing machines in schools has its particularities, but the "Shared" gimmick appears to be limited in the face of ordinary markets. 
In guangzhou, individual hotels have also started sharing washing machines, in which guests can download a brand of laundry APP, make appointments and enable hotel washing machines. 
Like blue sky with the guangzhou technical school, the user on the APP nearby choose washing machines, choose the "standard" "big" "fast" "single" off one of the four programs, click on the "instant" reservation, input validation code and WeChat after payment, washing machine, can use a cost within 10 yuan. However, reporters learned that the hotel's sharing washing machine was launched last year, but the usage rate is not high. 
Today, there are very few hotels offering a Shared laundry service in guangzhou because the hotel industry is reluctant to promote it. 
A five-star hotel lobby manager tells a reporter, in 5 star hotel, for example, most of you have laundry service, washing time, suit (2) 100 yuan, set (3 pieces) 140 yuan, jeans 35 yuan, 15 yuan underwear. Even a three-star hotel chain, you need 25 yuan to wash your clothes and 30 yuan for your trousers, which is very lucrative. Who would like to give up the business to others? 
People view 
Self-service laundry has mobile payment 
Don't worry about the COINS being jammed 
Public data shows that the flow of the domestic population of 220 million, college students and migrant workers, white-collar workers who travel on business, and so on all have the demand of the laundry service, it has a great development space for sharing the washing machine, according to data released a Shared laundry, according to the market space is 4.88 billion yuan. 
Sales of home appliance industry in recent years, on the other hand, are growing more slowly, according to Mr D cloud network, according to data released last year, total retail sales of domestic washing machine for 61.5 billion yuan, grew only 1.2%, industry development has entered a steady phase. 
At the same time, the sharing economy is becoming more and more intense in China. In this situation, the home appliance giant has to make some changes to the trend. With the prospect of the market and the maturing of the Internet of things, sharing washing machines has become the first choice for the home appliance giants to test the sharing of appliances. 
The reporter learns that home appliance enterprises such as haier, midea and creevey have started to share washing machines two years ago. 
The concept of Shared washing machines is not new, says haizhu district. It is a product of the coin-operated washing machine. At the early stage of the south campus of sun yat-sen university, the self-service washing machine, which was put in the slot of the stairs, often has several pain points: 
One is a large number of people, and students often have to wait in line at the washing machine at the peak of the washing machine to check the progress or collection of clothes. The second is that once there is no change or a coin is always unable to be recognized by the machine, it is often not able to do the laundry. 
The sharing washing machine has mobile payment, waiting time and payment difficulties have been solved, and the record of payment is also convenient for users to protect their rights. 
Some students also believe that sharing a washing machine with a washing machine does not have to be used for the use of a deposit, and that there is no need to worry about maintenance. 
Just "old bottles of old wine" 
Worry about the washing machine 
Ms. Zhang said that many of the Shared washing machines were "old bottles of old wine", essentially still a washing machine rental. It's just that the current hot "sharing" concept is labeled "Shared" and stunts. 
Li haipeng, a clean man and a clean desk, told reporters that there is no advantage in washing ordinary clothes and sharing washing machines. 
First of all, ordinary clothes don't need to be taken out to be washed, a take away, waste time and energy. Second, the ordinary clothes not without underwear underwear, who wants to put his underwear underwear in the public washing machine? So sharing the washing machine is difficult to get into the house. 
Third, from an economic point of view, it's worth buying a washing machine for $2,000 in the long run. 
The last time he bought a washing machine, he spent 1,000 yuan, and it took him eight years to make it in 2014. The average is only 125 yuan a year, which is a good deal. 
Ms. Zhong said that even if she had a Shared washing machine, she would prefer to wash it herself, for fear of hygiene. 
She said she was informed that there would be people responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of public goods in the United States, and that there would be strict censorship. In China, only enterprises say they will sterilize, and there is no government supervision department. Unlike the relatively safe environment of universities, Shared washing machines in the public sector want to go on for a long time, and health problems are a must.